Shooting my first roll with my diana on pinhole mode. Hopefully
something comes out!


My twin

They let him out for the holiday please be nice.


New Photoshop

Adobe releases their new version of photoshop for artist:found this on flickr but I can't remember where. If I figure it out i'll post the link to the person that made it. If you know let me know!



Rain Clouds

Not sure if these have any value or what I could do with them but I find them to be pretty cool. They are all from my iphone. I like how the iphone really makes the blue tones pop. I post them for your enjoyment or hate and at the full camera resolution to do what you'd like with them.


First negative

My first try at using ortho lith film I got from Dana in my giant pinhole camera!
It came out pretty well and it was around an 8 min exposure time. I didn't let it process in the darkroom long enough, I thought it was getting too dark and pulled it out too soon my second attempt (not pictured) is better. I will contact print them onto photo paper this week. stay tuned.
sorry for the crappy quality. it is a 15x20 neg.