Beach pinholes part 2

As promised I got into work early today and finished printing the rest of my beach pinhole photos Oh and there were only 8 not 11 sorry. ENJOY!!!



Here are the first few of my pinholes from the beach see a few post down for some in the action shots. I did around 11. The last one I did the ocean tried to steal my camera and I had to jump in and save it. The tide started to come in so I called it quits. More to come soon. Feel free to leave some comments on what you think about them.


Panorama Beach

Water rock

Shooting at the beach. Taken with my iphone using camerabag


Pinhole at the Beach

Went to Newport / Huntington Beach today to try out doing some pinhole photographs at the beach. I did about 10 before the tide tried to take my camera away. On Monday I will be able to process them at work hopefully at least one came out. Until then enjoy these photos of me taking them.