Beach pinholes part 2

As promised I got into work early today and finished printing the rest of my beach pinhole photos Oh and there were only 8 not 11 sorry. ENJOY!!!


_explosions said...

these are pretty rad mike... and i love that you shot it onto paper... so, did you contact print them to positives then? what were the exposure times?

they weren't as wide as i was expecting... do you know the lens size at all?

if i had to pick, my favorites are the broken piece of wood in the first set and the bottom left in the second set...

i wish i could have gone out shooting with you.

Michael Nightmare said...

Yeah the camera is more of a close up. I have one that does panorama style! I'll have to go out with that one. exp was 1min.
The ones posted are the positives from contact printing.

_explosions said...

thanks for being so transparent with your process... i appreciate it.

do you happen to know the focal length numbers? just curious... i'm trying to get a better understanding of all that.

i love that these are contact prints. dang it, so awesome!