Shooting my first roll with my diana on pinhole mode. Hopefully
something comes out!


My twin

They let him out for the holiday please be nice.


New Photoshop

Adobe releases their new version of photoshop for artist:found this on flickr but I can't remember where. If I figure it out i'll post the link to the person that made it. If you know let me know!



Rain Clouds

Not sure if these have any value or what I could do with them but I find them to be pretty cool. They are all from my iphone. I like how the iphone really makes the blue tones pop. I post them for your enjoyment or hate and at the full camera resolution to do what you'd like with them.


First negative

My first try at using ortho lith film I got from Dana in my giant pinhole camera!
It came out pretty well and it was around an 8 min exposure time. I didn't let it process in the darkroom long enough, I thought it was getting too dark and pulled it out too soon my second attempt (not pictured) is better. I will contact print them onto photo paper this week. stay tuned.
sorry for the crappy quality. it is a 15x20 neg.


Beach pinholes part 2

As promised I got into work early today and finished printing the rest of my beach pinhole photos Oh and there were only 8 not 11 sorry. ENJOY!!!



Here are the first few of my pinholes from the beach see a few post down for some in the action shots. I did around 11. The last one I did the ocean tried to steal my camera and I had to jump in and save it. The tide started to come in so I called it quits. More to come soon. Feel free to leave some comments on what you think about them.


Panorama Beach

Water rock

Shooting at the beach. Taken with my iphone using camerabag


Pinhole at the Beach

Went to Newport / Huntington Beach today to try out doing some pinhole photographs at the beach. I did about 10 before the tide tried to take my camera away. On Monday I will be able to process them at work hopefully at least one came out. Until then enjoy these photos of me taking them.


Wine bottles and models

Here are some pictures from my last shoot. I have one last one in the works from this set that should be amazing stay tuned. For now enjoy a few from the set:


D.O.F Study

Depth of Field study with my new hasselblad



Now you can control the living dead via blutooth


Testing email blogging through iPhone




My home away from home

This year I live in the copy room. On Friday I made 180 copies on yellow card stock instructions on how to load and process black and white film.


making test strips

just a typical day in the darkroom...paper courtesy dana.


keeping track....

It seems I have let this whole international moly exchange consume me. I have joined 5 groups and they are starting to pick up. I currently have 6 to work and get mailed out... I had to write them all down to remember which group was what... I need a theme for my group 41... I think it will be manimals combining animals and people. wish me luck. I can't wait to see the first one completely done. check out my flickr page for the links to the group and my work on them.


Another New Member...

Welcome iphone to the clan. Yes my last great new toy for a long time but well worth it... now if only it will be fully set up to recieve calls.... VERIZON release my number from your evil clenches!


Did you loose your....

Mermaid... it is in the elevator of my apartment complex... please come get her she looks lonely and creeped me out. Thanks.



To the newest member of my family:My new hasselblad 501cm


Save the cheerleader

Getting ready for the new season of heroes. I have re watch all of season 1 & 2!!!


Getting ready...

Getting ready for my next photoshoot.... hoping this will put me on a new path with my photography work...it is more ambitious than I usually get so I am hoping it turns out how I am seeing it in my head....


at the height of fashion

I am always at the forefront of fashion!


Time Lapse 001

Car Drive 001 from Michael Nightmare on Vimeo.

Long exposures with dana

Here are some of the long exposures me and dana went out and did a few nights ago. By the end of the night it stared to thunder and lightning! ENJOY