Locust Beach, Bellingham Wa.

More Bellingham

Bellingham Bay
Bellingham, Wa.

Whatcom falls, Bellingham Wa.

Old Bellingham Mill

Some quick scan from my trip up to Wa. This is an old mill in Bellingham where I was staying with Dana. We rocked the photography and COFFEE that trip (17 cups in 5 days!)



Meat, Onions, cheese and bread


No really....

Extra leg room from emergency row and no one next to me!

Leg room galore!


Processing plant

Processing plant that is slowly getting torn down


This is the end..

The last of lettered st. Coffee Dana brought me from Wa. I look
forward to bringing some home on my trip over there.


Apartments suck

I have been ordered to take down my solargraph :( I will have to find a new spot to put it up. Apparently they don't like art.

Solargraphy time!

Sorry I had to break these up into two post but I can only post one
photo at a time through the iphone if you know a good blogger app let
me know any way this is my second attempt at solargrdphy. This one I
will leave out all summer

Solargraphy time!